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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  June 7, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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it drew white crowd right here. they join us live now. it had everybody riveting. it's not hard to find some disappointed people. since we did have a very large crowd here. they finished fourth but everybody here was kept inside until the very end. it was a big crowd. many came to these tracks to enjoy a race taking place in new york. a disappointing finish unless you had money on the other horses. even people who didn't have
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money still felt disappointed. this is the 37th year that there's been no winner yet. the horse that run got more rest. speemac they were trying to come to think for a grueling race schedule. the drugs they gave him for that. no one else since has won the triple crown. he gave it what he have. he made his owners very proud. they made $18 million on the horse already. now he might be priced out of racing. these aren't rich enough for him. the fans everywhere might not get the chance to see him in
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action in person. the owners had indicated that this might be his last year of racing. they're on the lookout for a man who is it from jail. the strange thing is the man may have been better off staying behind bars. they explain why. this escape happened before sunrise when it was still dark out. this is somewhat of a trusted inmate that escaped while doing his job. authorities are on the hunt. they have supervised out site clearance when he went through the jails of daily trash run. when he made a run for it. he took off through an exit door and kept running. the deputy chased him but never
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caught up. >> he seemed like a harmless person. he gained than mcmahon -- nickname. the convict has been in jail since last july and was scheduled to be released next month. he could have just waited it out. but now it's a whole different story. law enforcement is actively searching for the inmates. he is 6 feet and 300 feet tall. not the sheriff's office tell me you're putting together a packet of state charges. if he is found. we're told that could mean up to a year behind bars.
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firefighters in haywood had to dig through a pile of recycle. that was at a plant on industrial boulevard. it was quickly put under control. luckily there is a manager that's on the scene that's able to operate that piece of equipment. we were able to get to the scene of the fire. virtually no one was injured in that fire. the. the art looking into another fire. we're showing it to their kids and started on the second story balcony of the condo. they quickly spread to the attic. it was knocked down before 3:00 p.m.. they saw the firebird.
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after that the flames just kept coming out. all the flames are coming up. in the cause of that fire is under investigation. no injuries were reported there. it happened near the tracks around 10:30 p.m.. it's hard to a mobile home. it was briefly stopped during the fire the injuries reported are the cause of it. a truck driver has now been charged in connection with the crash that critically injured tracy morgan. it happened early this morning on the new jersey turn park. he was killed in the collision. his friend was killed in the collision. it's a horrific scene
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overnight. he is in intensive care. at the hospital. it looks like two tractor- trailers. the limo bus overturned. he was in the limo bus. he is a lie. he just wrapped up a live performance they've posted these pictures on the facebook page. that was just before he hit the road to new york city. one person inside the limo was killed. morgan remains in intensive +w÷ care. there's no way of knowing if i'll call was involved as of yet. i'll have the that information right now. it was closed for several hours
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as investigators combed the act area morgan joined the cast of saturday night live in 1996. 10 years later he came back to nbc on the show for 30 rock. today the outpouring of support continues to pour in on social media he tweets earlier in the week. stand up and get those tickets or you can. this is a photograph. his friend was killed in the crash. the semi truck rear ended it. two other people were seriously injured. the truck driver did not see traffic slowing down in front
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of him. he swerved to avoid it. they are pouring in to one of the heroes. he is credited with this army but gunmen. hear how people have been to together using the internet to express gratitude and support and also show him with gifts. we have that coming up at 8:30 p.m. tonight. a drill we'll be held tomorrow to better prepare police and firefighters. on sunday from nine to two the police and fire departments will be conducting what they call a training exercise. don't be alarmed if you see that they are. they have arrested an extremely
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intoxicated woman for a hit and run accident with two kids in her vehicle. they say she rear ended a car on washington street last night and then drove away. she was extremely intoxicant of an encounter. she admitted to having her two young kids in the cart when the accident happened. the first incident was reported just before 4:00 a.m. on friday morning. a viewer sent us this picture of one of the cars. both happened in 20. you will remember back in april for a smart curse word takeover. nobody was ever caught. they could face felony vandalism charges. things are really warming up this weekend. we saw temperatures and lead going into the 90s.
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we have a lot of fog by the day. i kept temperatures cooler. 60s and low 70s by the day. we will see a change tonight and into tomorrow morning where there's not as much fog. as a result were going to be sunny for tomorrow for everyone. here is a lie that view. it's a warm evening. with the exception of the coast. but sunny for everybody as we get into the afternoon. temperatures warming up rapidly and triple digits on the way for the afternoon east dayton valley. they are all forecast to go into the 80s for tomorrow. about 10 to 20 degrees from today to tomorrow. livermore possibly as warm as
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102 degrees. that's coming up in a few minutes. police are on the lookout for a man who crept up behind at least one woman and grabbed her. how much do you know about each of your facebook friends. they are hated criminal secrets. a burglar on the prowl in the east bay backyard. what he did when he saw the surveillance camera pointing right at him. heat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures. are those thrusters burning? that's a negative. what's that alarm? fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually. this is very exciting. but i'm at my stop. come again? i'm watching this on the train. it's so hard to leave. good luck with everything. with the u-verse tv app, the u-verse revolves around you the u-verse revolves around you
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>> police are looking for this man caught on video camera. it took place on him rock way. you can see here that he was using a stick to beat position of the camera. police are still trying to
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identify that. a woman was walking just before midnight on east 30th avenue. wrapped his arms around her body. they received calls. more than 50 members held a large exercise today the overseas the all volunteer civil air patrol. just to see how a fact of the operate. this keeps them prepared for the next big disaster. in order to make sure that they are struck that our crews are
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ready prepared and trained. air force officials will watch the exercise that runs through tomorrow. they will grade that units. it's pretty hot today. we made it up into the low to mid 90s. it's a totally different situation at the coast because of the cool fog coming in off the ocean. temperatures were just in the 50s today. it will not be moving into the bay for tonight. at least not too far into the bay. they're looking out over san francisco. we do see some fog in san francisco itself. as a result we're gonna see a big-time warm-up because there's going to be lots of sunshine and the seabreeze is not going to be as strong for
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tomorrow. in the same is true for monday. it will be another hot day. and even surpasses 100 degrees. that will be in the east bay valley. the fog extends all the way down to san jose. it took much of the morning to clear away. that's why temperatures they cited were a little bit cooler. this is not going to be pushing into the bay for tonight. the temperatures look to be pretty hot for sunday. there is the fog and the coasts. it will be coming more out of the north. and as a result the fog well not be able to make that inland push. the clouds are going to stay there. they will adapt rate for the late morning and afternoon. it will make for sunny skies at the beaches. they make it up into the 70s.
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look for 90s in the south bay. they all went to 92 degrees. the inland temperatures of over 100 degrees. san francisco is 80 and 90. i'll talk about how much longer this well last. the bay area bad kid inspires another superhero story. see his wish come true.
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it's illegal to text while driving even for a mayor of a major metropolitan tyranny. the oakland mayor text behind the wheel here. it's not the first time she's been caught doing something illegal behind the wheel wheel.
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another photo has surfaced. what does mayor kwan had to say about all this? she talked to steal the roberts about this. >> both of my cars have the automatic call feature. who knows. i try not to hold my phone in the hand. they have this feature. this brand-new photo has surfaced with a cell phone firmly attached to her ear. it was taken near 14th and play in oakland. this man asked not to be identified. i looked over and i saw her. i just grabbed my phone and snapped the picture. i work 247. i go to a lot of meetings and a
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lot of different events. i'm working so long. it's easy unconsciously to do things like that. you've caught me at twice. are you following me around. this photo shows her was taken by two different people. you can get that i had paparazzi everywhere. people take pictures of it all the time. it was a good reminder that will need to be safe. she is the mayor of a major metropolitan city and they look up to her for leadership. unapologetic. i will do my best to try to meet both of my commitments.
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i will try not to. then i ask it should anything two say to the oakland residents about the photo. we just need to think about how we need to do things like that. let's not forget it's against the law. i wonder if any more photos will pop up. the plot thickens. he was in fact behaving badly also. because he was behind the wheel. give him a little credit. she was a pretty good sport about it all. they ask her to look into the camera and say i'm the mayor and i got caught behaving badly. she did agree to take this picture with him. she was not so much. she didn't really touch stanley. she doesn't look very thrilled.
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we posted all the pictures and stories. they are right here on the website. of course if you have any comments or story ideas simply e-mail us at. coming up at 830. crime lovers from around the globe. heat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures.
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are those thrusters burning? that's a negative. what's that alarm? fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually. this is very exciting. but i'm at my stop. come again? i'm watching this on the train. it's so hard to leave. good luck with everything. with the u-verse tv app, the u-verse revolves around you the u-verse revolves around you
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the news continues now. they have an extra large crowd today. he did not win the triple crown today. they kept the crowd at the track. and there he was in a dead heat for fourth. they are looking for an inmate. the sheriff office says that he was going to take out the trash. while walking to there. they say he has in our comics warren -- one from houston.
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>> to extinguish a fire this afternoon. nobody was injured and not fire. they capture video of the fire. it then spread to the attic. it was knocked out before three this afternoon. the cause of the fire is under investigation. an early morning fire rips through eight early home. they burst from the home around 430 this morning. the man who lived there said he was asleep at the time and woke up from the heat of the flames. thankfully he got out of the
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house safely. the neighbors will do whatever they can to help them out. we need to support him. it appears to have started in the front of the home. the senior engineering student tackled the shooter who had already killed one person. they have more on the bro young man presenting a bigger tragedy. the dead man who kept his have in the middle of this chaos. the hearts up hundreds of staff and students they are filled with gratitude. we now know the quiet senior
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engineering student has been a security desk monitor. this is not really part of the job description. they tackled the gunman who opened fire yesterday afternoon. he was just always prepared and ready to go. he also helped fix the schools computer. he has been an intern there for the past year. we discovered he is engaged in planning his wedding later this month. we just ask that you pray for the student community. it is also thankful. people around the world have been reaching out to help me. they have already donated more than $202,000 for an on line
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fundraiser. they went viral. all of the gifts were purchased. they have gained notoriety in the bay area. they have fallen out of the nest last month. these guys the one bird that we still had and care have a broken beak. it's kind of a miracle in its own way. that the event was spotted. there was someone there to rescue the bird.
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he have to pay for the mistakes he made. i did everything i could. i did everything two help this bird. i also want to thank everybody that cared about the bird. he asked a stepped up to make amends. it also helped us to really get out the message. if you're going to trim your trees wait until nesting season is over. they hung around for that. jeff pierce. crown for news.
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temperatures by the bay were cooler today. we will see a big warm-up or tomorrow.
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the world is mourning the loss of my hat angelo who passed away on may 28. they gathered in winston salem north carolina to honor her life and her achievements. she was my anchor. they celebrate the remarkable life. they are great gift. in her action-packed life.
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they did with clarity and power that will wash over people as long as there is a written and spoken with -- word. they also remembered this. she was a frequent guest on this show. the loss i feel i cannot describe. it's like something i have never felt before. michelle obama spoke about the impact that she have on her own life. they carried a little black girl from the southside of chicago all the way to the white house. her soul lives on in every word
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she left behind. that was the message that they took away from the memorial service. they are planning to help students are struggling to pay off his student debt. also he will be directing the government to really negotiate contracts. they want to make it easier for burglars to avoid defaulting on loans. they are descending on the wine country this weekend. here is a taste. it is in full swing. sure you come for the wine and
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the food. we are making us. thousands are here enjoying this. drinking wine for a great cause. and the barrel. people are here to meet us. they have a great time. and to have a glamorous weekend in napa valley. it's all about the community and the french. it is four days of the sipping, swirling, nibbling and what they hope is high bidding.
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they can raise a glass in toast another successful year. they're in the 34th year of the napa valley. they're hoping to break a record this time around. watch the latest costumes saved the day. it's going to be a thing of the past. lots of sunshine coming our way.
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here is the easiest. open up the facebook app on your device. it will pop up. that takes you to the page which is also the app.
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it says skin from your mobile phone. did you choose to scan your friends or friend request. the results come up almost immediately. it's good to know the color coding system. yellow means someone's name matches that of comments and don't get nervous. i had dozens of friends popped up under yellow. it just means they have the same name as an offender that lives somewhere in america. orange means someone's name and location matches. that can be clinton's as well. it matches the someone who is a registered offender. that's a red light. every result has more information button you can click on. this app is free and they are using it. the reason i like this a lot of
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people has sucked as many friends requests as they can. it feels good to have the most facebook friends. you don't always know who is in there. i think this is a good tool for women and parents. if you like to connect. you can add them on facebook. here is a live view of the golden gate bridge. notice that the low clouds z is getting shallower. extensive or n
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sunshine wñ7 up to mid t heats up fñ even mid- 90s as we get into south san jose. inland temperatures a lot of triple digits here. all the way up to 102 for antioch.
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with mid- 80s san francisco is going up about 10 to 15 degrees warming up to 80 degrees. here is a seven day around the bay. another hot day. more triple digits in points. and it will slowly be making a comeback as we get into tuesday and wednesday. notice the tempters coming down over by the bay and inland and then we will start to get some really strong winds by thursday and friday. it will bring back the fog. will see temperatures returned to the low 80s and went. there is a new superboy on the scene. everybody knows him. they know him as a light. he is battling leukemia. he is winning.
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for to his birthday. snack these days. he is half gator and half man now on the loose. but no need to worry he is here to save the day. this mask wearing a venture is more than a superhero. he is a superboy was super strength. we found out last year in january has been a long run. he's in remission right now. they planted their they bring the sidekick and brother.
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on to the next adventure. as part of the make a wish foundation. we are going to go up in the sky and look for sneaky pete from the sky. sneaky pete is literally setting real fires all over town. his job justice are at it. but it wouldn't take long for him to bring sneaky pete to his knees. i'm so happy. he saved the day. our city would be in shambles and it wasn't for him him. he came through once again. they wanted to make sure that
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he would be put away for good. and walking him into jail. the anticipation is building. and now were waiting for him to brief the media. a chew hero who doesn't hide behind it. he faces cancer have on. he knew he was in a fight that battle today. you go straighter boy. is he a sort loser.
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were here at the home of tom in jenin.
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the french air force team put on a spectacular show today over the skies of normandy. it was the 70th anniversary. about a thousand veterans in the 80s and 90s traveled to france for this special event. there urging him two make a world heritage site to protect them for future generations. a 14-year-old winds x. games
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gold. they went to the first gold medal in the biggest event. here is how they did it. there he goes. congratulations. the local favorites has failed in his bid to win the first triple crown in 36 years. he told nbc sports. it took the cowards way out. the horse that won a the belmont missed the other two. the longest drought without a trouble crowned champion. and take a look at the baseball
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right now. just after beating the orioles. they succumb to baltimore. a 6-3. even with the mina. it's just the second time in eight games. stay tuned after the show for sports tonight. they have all of your sports in need. that starts tomorrow at 9:00 p.m.. they just beat the new york rangers in double overtime. they lead the cup finals two games to one. only if the sharks were in it. we feel the need to mention it. let's quit skating on thin ice here. we again have the heat wave. it's really going to warm up around here. some of the hottest temperatures of this year.
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they are triple digits. also for fairfield. going up about 10 to 20 degrees. even if he's at san francisco. and the beach weather i know a lot of people want to know about the beach. it is going to be fantastic to mount. about nine attack on kuwait city -- seeing the sun. the hot weather hangs on for a couple more days. very dry conditions. we will see some relief but eventually picks back up into tuesday wednesday and thursday. they will start to go back down. wear your sunscreen. stay connected. get the latest news and developments.
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>> justin bieber caught on tape singing the n word over and over. >> yeah, he issued an apology. he said he was sorry. was it enough? >> it is so ugly. six racial slurs in 20 second. question is, is his career beyond repair. >> instagramming bible verses out of left field. seems like a stunt. >> j-lo and casper. clues to their split. why we saw it coming? >> when you find that person you were you would have met them years ago. >> do you feel that way about casper, your current boyfriend? >> well -- >> jonah hill after his anti-gay cl slur apology tour. >> he came off as sincere. >> true. had a great time hanging out with us. >>


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